Cultivating Leaders, while Empowering the Individual
                                                     Cultivating Leaders,                                           while Empowering the Individual  

Our Programs and Projects

Community Outreach:

-The Sack Lunch On Us Project is about helping our community through giving and sharing, as well as helping to feed people who don't have a clue where their next meal is coming from (Hunger Relief) which is a major focus of our community and an enormous goal for Youth for Education and Service. This idea started with concerned youth and young adults in the community who felt moved with compassion by the growing number of homeless around our city. The idea soon grew and the steps to put this project into action were underway. Through the presentation of a simple sack lunch meal, we are dedicated to showing our city's homeless population that we care. In May of 2011 we teamed up with the King Baptist Church, exceeded our goal and fed 1,010 homeless citizens in the Denver metro area. In 2014 we met our goal and fed 1,500 over the course of the year.


-Food Bank Agency of the Food Bank of the Rockies: Being an agency of the Food Bank of the Rockies has allowed us to distribute 18,885lbs of food and serve over 2,300 families in need.  



Our stewardship program has two aspects to it, including, environmental and financial.


- Environmental Stewardship- Students learn the importance of protecting our natural environment as well as the environment we live in, which is our community.


- Financial Stewardship- Students learn the importance of being good financial stewards by managing their financial resources responsibly to prevent incurring debt as adults.



Our Young Professional Mentorship Program (YPMP) is designated and designed for youth 13-21 years of age who will be introduced to various career fields through internships and mentorships. This program was created to give students the opportunity to work side-by-side with professionals and gain hands on experience to reach students early in their career decision making process.


Older students are also be expected to become a mentor for the younger kids in the program which will be one of the requirements for the scholarships once we are able to provide them.


Educational Program:

We have many educational programs which fit each individual student's needs. For those needs not fulfilled by our existing programs, we will match students with appropriate resources.

- Homework Help

- College Prep

- Scholarship Application Help

- Athletic Camps

- Instrumental Camps

- Environmental Programs